Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook - Cup The Left Wrist

Jason Dufner, Chuck Cook, and Steve Elkington demonstrate how to cup the left wrist to it's maximum in the backswing. This allows for the player to use the bounce of the sand wedge for an improved shot out of the bunker.

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Jason Dufner Chuck Cook Bunker Play Setup


Elkie's familiar with this shot, right, Elkie?

Let's see. What do we got?

The trick where are you--

Hold of that, yep.

Where you cup your wrist, get that face looking like this at the top of the back swing.

Oh, you just point it at me.



Now watch Duff. This is Duff's interpretation--

This is embarrassing.

--of the trick.

Here we go. This is what we're looking for.

Ha ha.

Mine'll be like that.

Going backwards?

It's so funny. Duff can't do anything crooked. He just does straight lines. That's as much as he's got.

That's my attempt.

Had a little wrinkle to it.

You do the trick. Elk's got the trick in there.

I got it with miles. You're talking about right here.


Exactly. And then spank it. Cup and spank. There you go.

I ain't got that.

What, you can't bend your wrist, or?

No, my wrist only wants to go flat.

He just--

I let this fold off-- my hand off. Well.

That's the trick, man. You got to have that shot.

I'd done all right without it.

Hey, Duff can't hit hooks and slices.

I've done fine without the trick.

He can't do the trick. He just hits medium height straight balls.