Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook - Drag The Handle Left

Jason Dufner and his coach Chuck Cook discuss the importance of dragging the handle left after impact with the bunker shot. This move also helps shallow the club out at impact allowing for more consistency.

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I know that for bunker play, lean, drag, down the line--

No good.

No good.

No good.

Opposite of what we just talked about on wedges. [INAUDIBLE] used to take it-- and he always wanted to be aggressive, right? So he would take this feel, and like you say, cock and throw up the other side, right? So you could go--


I think you got to have that finished position on the other side. You're showing it off right there, which is open, open, right?

That's what they're doing.

Yeah. But I've got some-- I've got some radius feel there. I hit that bad right there. But I had some-- I got some radius feel.

If you look at good bunker players, their handle doesn't get way in front of the ball.

No. There's a lot of throw.

And sometimes they drag it. But they drag it so close that the handle gets straight like this. You see what I'm saying? So I'm going-- I'm still dragging behind my hand. My wrist hasn't changed angle at all. But this handle is so close to me, the shaft is straight up and down. No. I'm not doing-- not doing that.

Which way you going? Right here?

Just pull it tighter. Tighter. See how straight up and down the shaft gets when you can do that.

Can I?

Sure. I mean, it's like-- a good drill. What I always do with good players, a good drill is to hit it and stop the handle at the ball. That's how you get the most height and the most spin is just stopping the handle at the ball like that. Because you don't want-- that's the worst thing you do is drag it.

No, you can't drag.

Drag some. Drag it, but shallow it out by going left.

Yeah. Yeah. You can do that.

See? There's so many different ways. I'll go--

There. That was pretty close to it.


I like that. I like that.

And that will be pretty consistent out of all sand.

Anything you can get the thing to come out-- the slower you can play your bunker shot, and you get power, then the better you are.

And the more you're using the bounce.

Ernie Els.

That was nice.

Ernie Els-- long.

That was nice and soft there.