Jason Dufner - Keep The Particles Together

Jason Dufner, Chuck Cook, and Steve Elkington discuss how to hit the bunker shot without exploding the sand particles in an uncontrolled manner. Elk shows Duf how he tries to keep the sand particles together after impact.


By the way, I still think the radius is relevant if you go low, as long as you know where it is and then you've got room to stretch out.

You could stretch out. That's what I always do. When I go low, I stretch out. I feel like I'm a little further away.


There you go.

You could hear that really smack on that one. Give me one in slow mo, where you do what Chuck says. Drag that handle, but go in slow mo. See how short and heavy you can hit it.


[LAUGHING] That one went straight up in the air.

Try to hit one where all the particles don't smash so much, so that you stab-- keep all the particles together.


What's his name? Norman Von Nida, probably the best bunker player I've seen, he would tell me-- all the particles, try to stay the particles together.


That was a nice one. Try to get it where you don't smash it into smithereens is what he used to say. You know I mean? You know Von?

Yeah, absolutely.

The Von was the man out of the beach.

Oh, yeah.

Less-- or less particles-- so it's like this. Less particle dispersion, more control. Pretty close.