Jason Dufner: Basic Bunker Shot

Jason Dufner demonstrates the basic bunker shot.


Sometimes, when true players get into bunkers, they actually prefer this than being in the rough, because we can control it a little better.

Yeah, we've got better control out of the bunker. More often than not, we can get more spin. I think the biggest thing is, where is contact on a bunker shot, for everybody, right? It's not at the ball, like we talked about with lag. And it's not too far behind it-- a couple inches. It's somewhere about an inch or so right behind it. And the great thing about the sand is we're not hitting the golf ball. We're trying to throw all the energy, all the speed into the sand, so it pops up and goes soft.

And now the closer we hit to the golf ball, the more spin we're going to have. Sometimes we hit a little chunk and run, where we might hit back here with a lot of energy and run through. So sand shots I always open the face. Because the face is open, it's aiming right, so I have to walk around and aim a little bit left.

Turn it around.

So my face is now pointing at the target. I do a little bit wrist cock in the bunker. I like to have a little hinge, it's the only short game shot. The only short game shot for you that you add wrist, then.

I add some wrist in. And then I'm trying to un-cock and this way. I'm trying to drag and then I un-cock this way. My left wrist works this way, as opposed to this way.

Not throwing it.

Or throwing it, or getting it behind you and throwing it again. I'm trying to get a little wrist cock, and then we're dragging, and then this left wrist just works this way for me. And it's a cut motion-- you're hitting the cut shot, right? There we go. You can see that one's right on the line.

Right on it. Don't you agree-- people can come to my channel and I talk a lot about thinking about everything up, it can't really go anywhere except up. I think up in here, too.

Yeah. Definitely, same thing we talked about, though. You're smacking the energy into that sand. You're not even hitting the golf ball. We're hitting the sand so it makes it explode and come out. And then if you wanted to hit a little bit longer shot, it wouldn't open the face as much. I see so many amateurs around the greens think that it's a rule that you have to have a square face.

You're big open, and you open it more.

Yeah. I want the face open. So if I wanted to hit a little bit farther, as opposed to this, I might go right there. And now we have a little bit farther shot. Because it was a longer shot, it had more speed, more spin, right?

Most amateurs are very happy get the ball out of the bunker every time in one. Of course, we're trying to control the spin, like that. That ball there is working into that vertical rule, where it's coming straight down. So it's going to stop.

What I really like-- to me, what control is, is that ball's hitting, it has spin, and it's just stopping. And maybe it has a foot, or maybe two feet or all. I'm not trying to rip them back, I'm not trying to roll them out. That's control the me. So now I know-- baseline again-- I can land anything two to three feet from the pen and get that ball in my circle.