Jason Dufner: Short Game - Plug Lie

Jason Dufner demonstrates how to hit a plugged lie in the bunker.


You gonna plug her on me?

I am. You've just hit this beautiful 7 wood.

Plugged right into the face.

Plugged right into the face.

Man, you're making that ugly. There you go. Step on it.

Yeah, step on it. Go ahead. All right. What's your idea here?

So on plug shots, two things. I have to get underneath this golf ball. Right?


And it's not sitting on top of the surface. Half of it's underneath this golf ball. So I have to go even further down below--

Than that.

--than that. So for me, what I need to do is I need to get real vertical, something that's hard for me, because it's opposite of what I do on my golf swing. But I need a real vertical angle of attack.

So we talked about earlier that I was in a u.

Now, you're going v.

Now, I'm going big--

Big v.

Big v. I'm going to open up. With this being, I don't need to open the face up that much. But I'm going to aim left.

I'm going to lean. I love leaning on my left.

Because you've got to go out.

Because I've got to go up.


And I'm going to have a lot of wrist cock. And I'm going to try to hit probably as close to that ball as I can and get underneath it by getting vertical on it.

Make it come up. Make it come up.

Didn't aim far enough left, but that got out of that hole.

Sorry. Not finished.

Keep going left. Keep going left. I even put it back a little bit. Leaning left, leaning left. There we go. And it kind of pops out of there and gets there running.