Jason Dufner: Short Game - Unconventional Methods Out of the Bunker

Jason Dufner demonstrates unconventional methods out of the bunker.


I got another one over here for you. You need run up on this. You're not going to be able to get this one to stop. So we've kind of got a hook--

Hook lie.

Hook lie--


Plugged ball, long way to go. So I got the ball back, and this would be normal. I'm taking this club, and I'm turning it all the way on the backside of my grip, so what I did was, is this is normal. I'm gripping the back of the club.

You play this in tournament.

In tournament. Yep. And as you can see, it pops out. So that's grip upside down. I'm aiming a little bit right.

There it is.

That one woulda gone, it just dug into the--

One more.

Deal. So these are all little shots you figure out and play with, and obviously the situation has got to be real good. And that's coming out with a ton of topspin, tumbling out of the bunker. If you hit it perfect, you gonna make par. Worst case you gonna make bogey.

And that is why you go to Jason Dufner's, play his channel.

Short-game channel.

Short-game channel.