Jason Dufner: Pinch and Sweep

Jason Dufner demonstrates how to hit his pinch and sweep shot.


I hit two types of shots in all situations, really. Might be some speciality shots here and there. But I like to go with a pinch and a sweep.

A pinch sounds like it's going have more spin.

They both have a lot of spin if you catch them right.


But the pinch is going to come out lower.


Grab more.


Skip off a hard pan. Playing over in England, you get that hard pan, you do a lot of pinch. It's hard to get the bounce right.


When we play Augusta and you get those softer conditions or over seed, you use a lot of sweep.


When we play in Texas, grainy, nasty Bermuda, using a lot of pinches, right. It's hard to get that bounce to work right. So and then there's variations off of both of these. And the variations come from ball position, clubface, angle, where I aim, lie, all kinds of different things, body position.

I see you teed.

I teed this one up because I'm going to show you what they should do. So when you have a pinch, and you know you can pinch it from the front of your stance. Obviously, it's easier to pinch from the back. We'll go somewhere in the middle. And I'm going to pinch down on this ball. And you can see--

You feel big resistance against the tee.

Yep. And You can see how that tee is now leaning forward. I'm pinching the leading edge of that club right on the back of that ball. And, obviously, that one's real low. But here's a variation. I can go up.

So that's the pinch.

That's the pinch. But we can go up.

With a pinch?

With a pinch. We can go up and still pinch it and you're still getting height. You can see that tee leaned a little bit. See if we can get it in the ground right.

Is that good for people to put the tee in?

I like it to practice. It gives you a good idea of what you're really doing. I've got the ball up, faces open. I still want to pinch.

I think a lot of people are going to be happy that they see Jason Dufner teeing up the chips

I'm not quite getting the pinch that I want. Pinch that thing. That thing is coming back up. Well, that'll take us to our second shot.

So let me just confirm this. So the pinch is when they put that tee in, they want to drive into it and knock that tee forward.

You're going to have shaft lean. And you're going to be driving it. You're pinching right on the back of that ball.


That's what a pinch is.


And then when we get some, you know over seed conditions, you got some longer pinches that you need to get up in the air, I go with what I call a sweep. And when I'm sweeping it, I'm just sweeping it right off that tee.

Not even moving the tee on that one.

No. I'm sweeping it right off the tee, right off the ground. My motion isn't changing. I'm not changing anything back here. I'm not changing anything over here.

Just sort of your focus point at the ball?

Yep. Just where the shaft is, really is what's happening. And so on a pinch, we're going to have shaft lean. On sweep, we're going to have less shaft lean. We never want the club this way.


That's no good.


But we're going to have less shaft lean with that sweep. And then there's variations. You can go up in your stance and hit a sweep, and you get that really high soft one. You can go back in your stance, and hit a sweep. The ball is going to come out a little bit further, a little bit flatter, but it still has that grip. And we're not taking a divot.

No. You just--

And then with the pinch, I'm pinching that thing. You can see.

Yeah. You see that there.

Small little divot, right. And that's with the 60.

You can do whatever you like, right?

56, 52 I see myself hitting a lot more pinches. Because usually when you use a 56 or 52, you're in a situation where you need to get the ball to run.


You know, the sweep is good for high, soft, short sighted, got to go over a bunker, you really need some spin and grab. The pinch is great when you've got some green to work with. You want to hit those skippers and checkers.

I think it'd be a good starting point for a lot of amateurs to just start with square face pinches. This is what it is. And then you kind of go to the next step, which would be the square face sweep. And master those. Get better at those. You can use those in all situations to get the ball on the green. And then you kind of go from there. So it's real simple. And it takes a little bit of work, but once you start to understand, OK, there's only two shots I really need to master and then I can work on my variations from there.