Jason Dufner: Wedge Over Bunker

Jason Dufner demonstrates hitting wedges over bunkers.


This shot right here, Jason, caused a lot of amateurs some stress.

Big sweat for them.

Big sweat. Let's teach them how to hit this ball over the bunker.

One of the most important things is a lot of guys try to hit it up, get it up, trying to help it up, they're trying to scoop it up. This thing's got a lot of loft on it. We got 60 square. A 90 would be straight up, right? So we're more than half. We're probably at about like that angle right there, going up, right? So that's one thing is trying to help it up. You actually hit down on it to get the ball to go up.

Another thing I see a lot of amateurs do is they don't get adjusted to the slope. We've got a little bit of an incline here. I don't want to be going against the slope. I want to be tilted with the slope and swinging with the slope. So I open it up a little bit. I don't put it way up, because I don't need to. I've got it kind of neutral, a little bit more forward than front. Club face is open. And, once again, same principle. [INAUDIBLE], width, open face--

Not much power--

Toe up.

Toe up.


Soft finish. If you look at the finish we'll see we finish not too far away. It's not a big, huge blocked shot. I can get all I need.

You're trying to make it as easy as possible. So you're trying to make it as easy as possible.

Trying to make it as easy as possible. That one wasn't even that high. It's got a ton of grip. You can go higher. There's a high one. A little strong with that one. But it's really similar to the last motions we had. There's a good one. That had a lot of grip.

I think--

And you can see--

--a question that all the amateurs want to ask, is how do you hit it so hard? I know the answer. But how do you hit it so hard and not take any divot? Everybody thinks it's because you're wide. Your bottom is real wide.

I don't have a bottom that looks like a v. It's a really wide, like a-- I don't know what it's like but it's wide.

A stretched out letter u.

Yeah. And you can see I'm hitting down on it a little bit. I'm getting a little bit of a divot. But the motion is simple. That one's a little bit lower with grab.

My teacher told me-- and I know, because you're a spin guy-- is you don't have to be so high if you have a lot of spin.

Spin equals stop. Especially for a lot of the golf courses that the amateurs are playing. They're soft greens. The spin is going to make it stop.

Nothing stops quicker than vertical, right?

Yeah. You throw a vertical on it with a lot of spin, it's really stopping.