Jason Dufner: 3 Wood

Jason Dufner demonstrates his 3 wood swings.


What are you asking this club to do for you?

This is a tough club, man.

We've talked to all of our players on Secret Golf. And a lot of them talk very sternly about their 3-wood. Everyone has a specific thing they have to have.

I like three-wood off the tee.

You're not crazy on the fairway with it?

I need it sometimes, but I'll go and tell you, if I got to 250 to carry over water--

You're not going?

I'm laying up.


Unless I really, really need it.

Is this probably the most important club in a tour player's bag, almost? One of them? A good one-- well, let me let me phrase that a different way. If you've got a really good one, like a Henrik Stenson it can make a--

He uses it a lot off the tee.


I think that's more of a mind game though. If you can hit a 3-wood off the tee, why can't you hit driver?

I thought maybe he may have a lot of lean, and that's why his 3-wood comes out so far.

Yeah, he probably does. And that's hard for me-- more lean, 3-wood off the deck. It's a tough fit for me.

So let me ask you this, what kind of 3-wood is that not the variety, but what is it?

It's hot. It's hot.

You want distance

It's a driving 3-wood.

You want distance.

You're looking for distance?

Yeah, I'm looking for something when the fairway ends at 275, 280, that I can get right there, and play from there. You know it's a great club for a place like The Players, got doglegs, got stuff moving.

Knock it into--

First hole I'm using it. Second hole I'm using it. Fourth hole I'm using it.


Six, I'm using it. 10, I'm using it. Old 12, I'm using it.

You know, you're like me. You tee it up pretty good.

Yeah, I like to tee it up a little bit. It helps me hit up on a little bit. So with the tee balls, I'm trying to hit up on it a little bit, a little bit different than my full swing.


You know, that was a really good one there.

Yeah, that was a good swing.

What's that flying there? 250?

Yeah, that's in that 250, 255 range. With a 4,000 spin or 3,500--

Less. Less.

Less? 3,000?

3,000. 3,500.

3,000 Spin, for those who want to know-- that means it's going to land, and it's going to roll. And it's going to not stop.

It's a hot one. You know, if I got 260 on a par 5, and there's no force carry, and we're just trying to get it up there--

Run it up there.

Maybe it'll get on the green. It's not a great club--

You're not going to see you--

It's not a great club for 15 at Augusta, let's put it that way.

No, it won't stop.

Won't stop. If it gets over the water, it might go in the water behind.

So what you're saying to everyone is when they see the channel, they're not going to be seeing you flying big high 3-woods and stopping them on the green.

Negative. Negative. I'll be playing from 85 yards with a lob wedge.

We'll all know that when we see you playing next year on TV that we'll know that that 3-wood made you lay up.


That was a good one too.

Yeah, I like it. It's a good club. I tee i up. I use it off the tee a lot.