Jason Dufner: 5-Wood

Jason Dufner demonstrates his 5 wood swing.


We've got four wedges in the bag, got to take something out.

Something's got to come out.

Something's got to come out.

3 iron's out.

Can't take driver out. Can't take 3 wood out.

So 3 iron, 3 iron.

Yep, 3 iron and 2 iron. And I found a club that fits both of those.

Why not the hybrid?

I didn't hit the hybrid as well as this. This has got a lot more mass behind it. 5 wood was one of my favorite clubs.

Growing up?

Growing up and playing.

Or, even on tour?

Yeah. I just went through this about four years ago. I always his a 5 wood great.

You just went to it four years ago?

Well, the wedge--

It's been a while.


Oh, yeah. I know. I'm joking.

This one is about four years old. But I just like the fact that it's a bigger head.

More mass?

More mass. CG is a little further back. I can hit high. Now, I've got all that lean.

So I don't really have to worry about it going too high. So when you say you have a lot of lean, which for people to know that as you get longer into the bag--

Doesn't change.

--it gets a bit low.


Everything starts to get a little too low.

Correct. Because we don't want to change the lean.


We still want the lean. We just don't want the low.

Doing the equipment.


And then this club has got 21 degrees.


So it's actually--

Did you change that from a real 7 wood?

No. This is what they come at.


But the technology's so good, it's a little bit hot. So it's kind of a strong 3 iron, a soft 2 iron, 5 wood. And it's got a lot of versatility.

It's good out of the rough. I can hit it high. I can hit it low.

I can hit it off the tee. It's got a lot of shots in it. So if I want to hit a high one, I'm just going to change my setup.

Put it up a little bit?

Put it up a little bit. Open up a little bit. Going to have a little cut on it.

Yeah. Not changing the lean.

Nope. And usually, when I want to hit it high, I choke down on it a little bit. Because usually what I'm trying to hit it high, I'm trying to get a little bit shorter. So I've got the ball up. I'm just changing address position.

And, of course--

Got a little high, soft cut.

Yeah, this is more of a sweep. You're sweeping it more now with the ball forward.

Less divot.

Less divot. When you hit your woods, do you--

I'll get divot.


I'll get a divot.

Yeah. But do you feel a bit more of a sweep?

A little bit.


Yeah. Now, if I want to hit one a little bit further with a draw of the ball back a little bit more. Oh, that's a push.

Like when I had trouble with my fairway woods, one of the drills that my coach, Alex [? Mosley, ?] used to do, he said, go take your driver, hit your driver off the ground, and get your swing shallow enough to hit your driver in the air a little bit. And then you'll be able to go--

Figure it out.

--Back to the 3 wood.



You can see I'm taking a little divot.


I'm leaning that. That's coming out a lot lower than that last one. A big hook.

So how far do you--

I'm not ready to hit woods yet.

How far do you hit this club?

225 to 235, 240.

Yeah. You just want something to get up in the air and stop when it gets on the ground, right?


When it gets up there?

And it's good off the tee too?

Is it?

Yep. I can get 225, 230 in the air, a little bit of run.