Jason Dufner - Switching Irons (Part 2)

Jason Dufner discusses how he went from playing his regular irons to custom grinds made by Donnie White, a very famous club grinder. He discusses the shot pattern that changed as a result of the switch (Part 2).


In video, when I was taking video, I'd see contact strike. If you were down the line, I'd see contact strike, and then next frame, I'd see my face looking like this. So I was catching heel a lot with these newer clubs that I was using, so I was getting a lot of spin.

So, first thing I did is I went back to the 716s that I had played well. I wanted to stay with the same shaft. I use a True Temper S400 AMT shaft. It's got ascending weight. They get heavier as the longer they go. It helps you get the ball up in the air. Lower irons are a little bit lighter, less spin, lower launch.

But what I also did is I went to a guy named Donnie White who was a grinder forever with MacGregor.

Master grinder.

He lives about two hours from me in Albany.

And he made-- I bought a set-- Because you checked with me. I bought a set. Donnie White is, by the way, is really famous guy.


He made for MacGregor. You can see blank back, he has Donnie White, D-W, in the heel. He did it for Nicklaus, Trevino.

Nicklaus, Norman, Trevino, Weiskopf-- all the guys that played MacGregor, he probably worked on their stuff. Jose Maria.

And the reason you were trying to get to the bottom of it and find out, go down and see a guy that was a master fitter--

I was trying to find a set of clubs I could play. I didn't know how many sets of these I had. I could talk to him about what I was experiencing. Maybe he could give me some information.

So you drove down with your old set.

Yep, couple sets. He looked at them. We spent a couple of hours talking about what I like, what I don't like, what I see. He looked at my clubs. He could tell you're catching it in the heel from the wear and tear. You're not getting to the bounce. We talked about look, what I like as far as how an iron looks, how much offset, how little offset, all these things. It was a custom deal. Luckily they had some cavity backs that they could forge out.

'Cause he starts with a big piece.

Yeah, he's got a big piece that's got about 150 extra grams--

He can work with.

That he can work with to get it out.