Jason Dufner: Equipment - 7-Wood

Jason Dufner discusses the specs of his 7 wood.


Tells us about your 7 wood.

7 wood's right here. It's a Titleist 915f, 21 degrees, 7 wood. I've got an Aldila Rogue. I think it's a Tour X, Super Stroke grip. So it's actually the length of a 3 iron.

And you want an X because on a 7 wood, you don't want to be flimsy. You want it real stiff.

No, I want it stiff. I think it's tipped pretty good at the bottom. Great thing about this club is now that they've gone to these adjustable lies and lofts, I can tweak this a little bit. If one week I need a little bit stronger, get a little bit stronger. If I need it one week a little bit weaker to hit it up a little bit softer, I can go to that.

And for people that would wonder why you would do that is when you have that real X in there and if you play in the British Open, you actually want it to be low and boring and no spin and just gross for over here if you were trying to stop on a green. But over there, you want it to penetrate, right?

So it's got good variations with what I can do. It's very versatile. Great out of the rough.