Jason Dufner: Equipment - Driver Loft

Jason Dufner discuss his driver loft.

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Jason Dufner Driver Adjustability


What are we looking at here? This is the latest, greatest from Titleist, right.

Yes. This is the new 917d2. It's got a project X hazardous shaft. This one's counterbalanced. Kick it up a little bit. Give me a little spin.

That's a recurring theme.

The reason I have 10.5, is I like to not see the face kind of looking left. So I may take some loft off of that. I started opening it up.

For example, an amateur could get, if they like a real straight, straight look, they could get buy more loft and crank it open. Every degree you crank open, it actually opens a face, so it would appear squarer to the right.


Are you left eye dominant?


See I am too. So left eye dominant, if you held it over to the camera, you would only be looking at my left eye right now. So a lot of guys that play left eye dominant we're looking from that angle. So we see the face a lot different from a guy--

Yeah, looking at it right that way.

So that's why I have that much loft. It's actually got probably close to nine, somewhere between 9 and 91/2.

But again you're going with the numbers, what TrackMan says.

Yeah. And I just changed to this driver this year. It's a good fit for me. They did a good job with this new model. They've got this kind of SureFit CG.

It's like a little--

You can add weight. So there's different sticks that comes out and you can pop in.

You can flip it over for favor.

And they have different ways.

Do you believe in that? Because I've always believed that I just go neutral on my gear.

I've seen some benefits with this.

Have you?

Yes. So, I think, it can make a little bit of a difference in some cases, definitely.