Jason Dufner: Equipment - Keeping up With Tech

Jason Dufner discusses keeping up with equipment technology.

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You've kept all your irons, like I have, since you were in college or high school.

Yeah. I've got pretty much every set that I've played. I think the irons, they are kind of cool to keep and collect. Those don't really go out of fashion, almost. You know there's nothing you can really do noon crazy with an iron.

Not with a blade or something as simple as we're doing, right.

Yep. And then I've got some wedges down there. I've changed my wedge philosophy from time to time on sole width and balance and grind. So I've got some of the stuff there. And I don't keep many woods. I think the woods are always changing. And they're always coming in and out. And this is good, and this is good.

You could have this, be in love with this today. And you get out on tour next week and there's one that goes 10 yards past it.

Yeah. Different technology.

And can't fall in love with a wood.

So I end up giving those away, donating them, first tee type of stuff. Got a bunch of Cameron's over there.

I think the thing that stands out to me on your equipment, Jason, is that you're very precise, four degrees increments. But you build a set of clubs that actually make it go higher with more spin.

Yep. That's what I need.

That's kind of weird for the average guy to accept that.

Yeah. They're on the other side. So when all the new stuff comes out that's low spin.

Not for you.

Not for me.