Jason Dufner: Equipment - The Flat Stick

Jason Dufner discusses his putter specs.

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Jason Dufner Putter


And we're going to go to the putter, which is your least favorite topic, as we know. If people that go to your players channel, you know that you've deferred your putting instruction to Mr. Burke. But you use a super stroke, and I felt this is new. It's got a [? rib in ?] the back.


It's a big improvement.

This is the Flatso 1.0. They make about five or six different versions of what they do grip wise. But this is the one I'm going with now.

Nice balance [INAUDIBLE].

Yeah, so this is a new one. The first week I used it was tour championship. I actually had a pretty good week putting. I think I was, you know.

You say that like-- it's like you won the lottery.

Yeah. I actually had a pretty good week putting. So this is--

Scotty Cameron [INAUDIBLE].

Scotty Cameron X7.


[? 2RX7. ?] The difference with this is I've got no offset in there. It's going to be hard to see, but--

Zero offset.

--zero offset.

The shaft's right on the base.

Yeah. And what I've kind of found with that is when I start seeing offset, it goes back to what we talked about with the driver.

Can't look at it properly.

Looks hooked, right?


And then, I found myself, OK, this looks hooked. Start aiming right.

To compensate, and yeah you're going to--

To compensate. --and it wasn't even-- and you weren't even aiming right. It left in the first place.

Yeah. And so, it was a visual look. We kind of talked about it. Then we did some trial and error. And I actually started aiming this.


Better without thinking about aiming it, right? The visual looked better to me. So--


--an aim is huge in putting. It makes a big difference. If you're aiming right-- I know where the target is. You might, you know, subconsciously you're aiming right. I know subconsciously, the target's over there, you start--

What is your battle with putting? I mean we all saw you win the PGA.

I think a lot of it has to do with alignment and not being able to aim properly. And then, because of that I've gotten some--


But you putted like Ben Crenshaw this year at the career builder.

Yeah. I had a great week.

What were you doing there?

Early in the year I didn't have any demons to battle. And some of it is mental. I think every player--

No scar tissue.

No scar tissue. I think every player has that one, or you only want one, but you might have a couple of things in your game you're not as confident with, you're a little insecure with. And putting is kind of where I'm at.