Jason Dufner: Equipment - The Importance of Finding the Right Fit

Jason Dufner discusses the importance of finding the right fit with your equipment.

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Is it true-- I know it is for me-- that we don't really care anymore what sharps are in the woods, that we let the TrackMan tell us which one--

Definitely. You'll see that real quick on TrackMan, you'll understand it. Used to be you'd-- you know, before they could even interchange them. You used to go through a lot of clubs testing.

How does the average guy, you know, is watching this show go, man, I-- I don't even know the names of any of the sharps, and I'm sure you don't know all of them, but what does the average guy do when he goes to go get fitted?

I think that's the best thing money can buy for amateur. You need to get fitted for your clubs. You need to find somewhere in town or around your town--

Like a TrackMan where they can see what spin is.

And if you have an opportunity to go to some of the licensed fitting places for Titlist or the other companies, I think that's really a good investment. I'm not-- I'm sure it's a couple hundred bucks. You spend three or four hours. [INTERPOSING VOICES]

And you're not worried about-- because all these guys, it's like, I look at fishing rods and I don't know which one you--

Exactly. And I have no idea. And so we actually have technology where you can actually go hit the ball and TrackMan and find out, hey, that's the one.

Yep. And they should have a variety of shafts and heads and lofts and all these different things that make a big difference, because you can, we can get a bad driver, and it can make you look like a bad driver of the golf ball.