Jason Dufner: Equipment -Ways to Add Spin

Jason Dufner discusses how to add spin with his equipment.


Now you move into your set which is at Titleist company. You and I both play Titleist. Basically you whole career, pretty much?

Yeah. I've been with them since 2000 when I turned Pro.

And you're one of the guys that, like Jordan Spieth and some of these guys, you actually use a cavity back.

Yeah. You know I used a blade for a little bit when I first turned Pro and in college. But I think they came out with these AP2s about, I'd say, about six to eight years ago. And I really like them. You know they have the look of a blade, but you do have some forgiveness. We talked about when we're doing some of the TrackMan stuff, I tend to be on the lower side of spin. So this kicks my spin up a little bit, just where the CG is.

S400 Dynamic Gold.

S400 Dynamic Gold AMT. But it's a shaft that came out last year. I changed to it. Guys had a lot of good results with it. I tried them. I tested it. And actually test it out a little bit better, gave me a little bit higher launch without increasing any spin.

So as we talked about, and we learned about, your game yesterday on TrackMan and everything. So you're pretty much using the equipment to actually add a little spin. So many people are trying to knock spin off. But in your case, with the irons, you're adding a little spin.

Yeah. You can kind of see that a little bit throughout the bag. I'm trying to find things and ways to add spin.

We're all going to learn, when they go to your channel, about how important it is for you to have big spin there.

And, you know, I change those wedges out a lot. I use about 12, 60s for the year.

One a month.

Just about one a month. I want those grooves to be nice and fresh. That's more spin. The other clubs, I go through a set of clubs a year, the 56 and the 52.

You're on a current set 716.

Yep. Those are the 716s.