Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook - Chuck's Teaching Philosophy (Part 2)

Jason Dufner, Chuck Cook, and Steve Elkington discuss how how there is no one swing model. Based on the player's grip and swing, Chuck's teaching adjusts to maximize the players skill and talent (Part 2).


There's so many combinations to good golf. And we see it the most on our platform because we have 29 different players that have all reached what we'd consider a pretty mastery level, right?


Strong grip, shorter arms-- me, big legs, more knees. It's hard to pick a model, isn't it, nowadays?

Yeah. There is no model.

There is no model.

I mean, everybody has their model.


But there is no model--


--per se.

We're thinking about doing some 3D imagery at Secret Golf, where we would go into the studio and do our players-- and this could be down the road a little bit-- but when they take their swing, with this artificial intelligence that we know of, we can actually find data points, like the Blast, and find which one of our players they are close to. And then they could start getting closer to that model.


It might be interesting.

Yeah. You can certainly do that with trends and things like that. But there's cause and effect with everything. Like I work with-- Duf's got a strong grip, Andrew Landry has got a real strong grip. So they have to deliver the club differently.

I work with Corey Pavin. So Corey Pavin would make a weak group.

Payne Stewart is probably like me, right-- a little bit.

Payne Stewart's more like you, yeah.

And so you have to have different release patterns based on their grip. Then you have to have, based on their swing plan-- what they do in the backswing, you're going to have to have different shifts and so forth to get the club to come down on the right line.

Whereas Duf, because of the way he uses his body, he doesn't shallow much. So whatever plane he goes back on, he comes down on.

With you, you have a lot of leg action. So you go up just like Payne did. You go up, and then you drop it on the plane, and then you rotate.

And then you have other guys that are even different than that. So it's all matching up, right?

Different than Furyk-- Furyk comes out, and then he's down, and then he's really spinned.

Yeah. He has to because his elbow is so far behind him, that's only way he can get to the ball. If he stayed back here, he couldn't reach the ball. And so everybody has their way of getting the club to the ball at impact the right way.

Very good. Thank you.