Jason Dufner - The Shaft Lean

Jason Dufner discusses the shaft lean at impact.


All great tour players have forward lean.

Everybody on to tour has forward lean.

Could you explain that and show people?

This is what impact is. A lot of people think impact is you're rotated and shafted right here. Shaft should be right about there.


That's impact. I've got somewhere between six and eight degrees. The guys that have less--

Tend to be more wider.

Crooked balls.

Crooked balls.

But all the guys on tour have some type of shaft lean.

And that's the thing that you are so good at. But that's the thing -- we'll talk about this later-- but that's the thing you fight with this.

Yeah. I think, one thing I see a lot is the guys that struggle with their ball striking, generally are what I would consider a flipper or a hands and arms swinger, not much like leg. They're great putters. Because when you're putting, you want that thing being 90 everywhere, you don't want shaft lean, start getting weird launch conditions. They're also great around the greens.

A lot of throw.

With high and soft, right.


A lot of throw, so they can hit it high and soft. So everybody's got their struggles.

We want both. What we want to do is, we want to lean here. Now we want this thing to be zeroed out, right.

It's hard for me because this is what I understand to be impact, right.

Yep. It is.

That's what it feels like.

No. It is.

It is. -

But with a putter.

No good.

You know when I want to lay the shaft back with a putter, I feel like I'm-- That's what it feels like.

And that's your struggle, right.