Jason Dufner: Make Your Swing Work For You

Jason Dufner demonstrates how his swing stops when his shoulders stop.


Now we'll just work it into our bag here.


And do you just carry the same action up through?

Yeah. I think, obviously, I have a little bit more elbow cock, a little bit more risk cock. I don't have a lot compared to a lot of guys. We're talking about Hogan earlier, and Hogan was extremely supple in his wrists. That's why you see all of that.


I mean you guys can see this here. I can't even come close to getting that to my forearm.

Yeah. You're talking about Hogan could go all the way down.

Yeah. Touch his thumb on his forearm.


So I don't have that. That's why my swing short, too. My swing goes as long as my shoulders go.

I was going to say, there is no such thing as short, if you have a big shoulder turn, right.

When my shoulders stop, that's when I stop. But you see a lot of guys on tour, in the amateurs, they keep going. Their shoulders stop. I feel like in my backswing when my shoulders stop, I'm done. But you see guys on tour and everywhere, their arms might keep going, their wrists might keep going.

And some of them do it really well, right. Like, John Daly, for example, or--

Carlos Franco. I saw him a couple of weeks ago on Champions Tour. His shoulders stopped and his arms just keep going and fold. That's how he swings.

That may give him his timing of his body so he can deliver it, for him.


Yeah. So you're more precise in your thinking and the way you swing. When your shoulders stop, you stop.

Correct shoulders stop, I stop.