Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook: TrackMan - Weight Shift

Jason Dufner, Chuck Cook, and Steve Elkington discuss measuring the weight shift with force plates in the swing. Elk was asked how he thinks he tested, only to come back with an accurate assessment.

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Jason Dufner Chuck Cook Downswing Weight Transfer


[BIRDS CHIRPING] You know, we'll look at swings. We'll take video, see what we're trying to see, which we'll show them.


You and he are different, getting hit in the line, but all good players hit the line and so--

Well, one of--

In the video we do this. In the off season, we might do some footwork stuff on forced plates, might do some 3D stuff with K vest, or some of that type of thing, but-- do some--

I was with--

--putt lab stuff.

I was with the pressure guys, and they asked me if I'd ever been on it, and I said no. And they said, well, what do you think you do with your pressure? And I said well, here's what I think I do. I think I go 100% of my weight into my right back of my heel. Then at the change of directions, I told them, I get 100% of my weight on my left foot, and then it flips to 100% of my right foot, right at impact, right there, as I come around the corner. The guy couldn't believe that I said that. He said he thinks that's what their long drivers do. What do you know of that?

Yeah. I mean obviously there are differences with how that works, but yeah, that's pretty close. You don't see much weight on the left foot, because they've jumped so far off the ground there's no pressure in there.

Yeah. And you see, I go there first. Then I come.

What you see with them is the long, long drivers get there early. While the club still going back, they're moving left, and so by the time their arm gets parallel to the ground coming down, they're as far left as they get and, that point on, they're pushing back.

Pushing backwards, yeah.

It's what you see.

And is that relevant to the amateur player?

It's relevant because, for whatever reason, most amateurs you'll see tend to be more on their right-- wrap around their right side. They won't get to their left side. So the club never stays inside coming into the ball.