Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook - Hitting A Draw On #13 At Augusta (Part 1)

Jason Dufner, Chuck Cook, and Steve Elkington discuss how to hit a draw off the tee with the driver, such as the one Duf hits on hole #13 at Augusta National (Part 1).


One of the things that's different about Augusta is there's about three or four or five tee shots that have to really make the ball curve right to left. I know that's not ideal for you. It wasn't that ideal for me. Number 2, 9, 10, 14, and 13-- we put you on this tee, simulate this, oak down the left, bunkers on the right. You've got to slot that in there.


Well, for him, what he's always done is change his ball position for curve ball. So he moves the ball back a little bit to draw the ball.

We're up here pretty good. We're--

On the toe.

--on the toe. You know, it used to be old standard was inside the heel. It's probably gone up an inch or two from that.


I see some guys on tour that they play it outside their left foot, especially the younger generation guys who grew up playing this technology. But for me, I'm somewhere around the middle to the toe normally. If I want to play a draw, I'm going to go a touch, even more. I'm going to be close to that heel.

Now when you do that, do you start on your original and then scoot?

I'll do it pre-- so I'll know--

I think he sets up to it.

--yeah, I'll know. I'll be back here.

You can do both. I like to go into my real deal, and then scoot. Then I know I've done something.

Yeah, I'll do it right at the beginning. So I'll know that I want to go a little further back. So I always address with my feet together. So I'll just start with my feet a little further ahead. I'll still take the same width. And then that way I know I'm in this heel range.

And then I'll also start to shift a little bit to the right. I'll get everything aiming to the right a little bit more, because like we just touched on, all of those tee shots are better to miss a little bit to the right than overcooking it and being left. So I'll just to the right.

And the biggest thing for me is I'll feel like my hands and my arms win the race on this shot. We've talked about that a lot. I don't know want to feel like my turn is winning the race. I want to feel like my arms and my hands pass my turn a little bit-- feel something along these lines here.