Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook - Hitting A Draw On #13 At Augusta (Part 2)

Jason Dufner, Chuck Cook, and Steve Elkington discuss how to hit a draw off the tee with the driver, such as the one Duf hits on hole #13 at Augusta National (Part 2).


There's a tree in the middle of those pine trees on 13 that's different than all of them. So I'll aim at that, a fraction left of that. And then I'll try to work it off of that tree. I'll be getting that target. I'm acquiring that target. And then like I said, I'll feel like the ball is a little further back. I'll feel like my arms and the club head are winning the race. And then we'll feel like we're just going to go.

That ball was a perfect curve. That would be ideal at Augusta, because it would be up on top and missed the tree. It didn't have a big curve. But you don't do a big curve.


That's real hard for him. And a lot of times if he tries to curve it, big curve, he'll end up pulling it.

Flipping it.

And then that's not good.

So Chuck, on the track band, if you had the track band, what would be the path ratio here with that shot for Jason?

The club face and path would both be slightly right, but face less to the right than the path.

So it might be 3 to the right when it's faced behind us.

Probably more than that, probably 5 because of the ball position.

There's a really good one.

That would be perfect for 10 right there, or 13.

That one would be 10 out of 10.

10 or 13 would be really good there.

That one really moved right to left. Like we talked about, you want to try and take advantage of it. But you definitely don't want to overdo it. Because if you overdo it, and you get left on some of those--

You're in the azaleas.

If you go left on 2, your dead. If you go left on 5.

13, 9.

10, 13.



But it is something different. We don't see that as much anymore, having to shape a ball.

And it's not just him. It's harder for everybody to draw the new drivers. A left-handed golfer has a huge advantage at Augustus.

Big advantage.

Because the easiest shot for a player is a cut shot.

No question.