Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook: TrackMan - High & Low Shots

Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook discuss the mechanics behind hitting the ball on a higher and lower trajectory. Elk and Duf both try to outdo each other on the shots.


Let's see you stand one up.

You want me to hit one up in the air?

Hit one up in the air.

I was going to come in there and give you a contest for low.

I don't know if you can beat that one.

202 [? carry. ?]


Ah, I didn't catch that one.

What's the difference for you for up? Going up?

It's a good question. I feel like my exit isn't it as quite around on my body.

You know what I do a little bit for up? I'm going to hit one. I'll stand half inch further away from it, so that I won't have as much lean.



Watch this up.

That was 10-1 launch.

So I doubled it.

Jack told me when he used to do that.

76 feet high.



That's still pretty low.

I'm going up. I'm going there. All things being equal, I'm here. I want to be just a little bit further. So all things being equal from this view, I won't have as much lean on the shaft.


There's the up.

That was definitely up. 16-4 launch.

I'm going low. One low here. I grew up in Australia. I should be able to go low.

You've set the bar at five degree launch?

That was 102 feet.

What were you at, 16?

No, 70.



There's the low. Wind ain't touching that one.

42 feet.

Well, what was the launch?

What's that launch?

Launch was 6-6.

What'd you at? Same?



I don't know if I can get to 16 though.

Try the half of the ball further away so you get less lean on the shaft.


There you go.

So, just to reiterate that, if-- Chuck, and you're the man here, but if you were to stand closer to the ball, that's where I was, and you had to sweet spot that, your hands would be way further forward.

Or more left. Yeah. One or the other.

More left and further foreward.


If you were way away, to catch that square, there'd be less lean on it. If I had a tree I had to go over--

Get further away?

I'd get about-- that's max right here, right? I can't go any further than that.


That's high. You got over the tree.

What was that up?

That was 16-- 15-4 launch. 112.

I just go bullets.


I go under the tree. Under and around.