Jason Dufner: Trackman - Taking Trackman Results to the Course

Jason Dufner discusse taking TrackMan numbers to the course.

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And I'll be honest, I don't spend five hours in here doing this, right?

You just want to see your trend, right?

I'm going to see my trend. This is where I'm at.

You've already fixed everything. Look, you've got it zeroed out--


You said you're in a good place.

Little bit of this. And we've been seeing this face to path-- my coach and I, Chuck Cook. That's been going on for about a year or so. When I'm off, this is what the face to path is doing. I'm laying it back, and laying the back. My path is always pretty good. But I'll spend 30 minutes to an hour, go through the bag, let's see where we're at. I'm not going to hit 100 balls with every club and dissect it all. I'm using this as a guideline.

You're good now. You know what you're doing.


Pretty much.

I'll know where I'm at. This is where I'm at today. And then I got some things I can work on-- splits dance, open face, feeling like I'm covering with my left wrist, feeling like my handle-- this handle is really good. That's actually underneath the lie angle-- the lie angle of my club. Trying to get the handle left. But this just helps me understand, here's where I'm at.

There was your carry. Good carry.

184-- good smash. 144 with a six iron. Launch angle 20-- what do we have on a six? 32 degrees?


So I'm in the ballpark, could be a little bit better. That's probably coming in a little low. Total height's a good one. I like keep every club in the bag around 100 feet. Trajectory equals distance control. If you start hitting balls that are way up in the air, you're not sure if they're going to come short or long. So if I can get through the bag at 100 feet, that's where I want to be. Consistent.

The old rule used to be that Nicklaus used to hit his long irons high and the short irons low. That's your ratio, right? You want everything to be the sort of similar look.

Right in the same. We talked about spin rate. I got a six iron 6,000. What does that tell me? That tells me when I swing good, the equipment I have is working.

Just like in the stock market, we call that a return on our investment. We make a good swing with a good club, it should do what we want it to do.

That's another use for TrackMan is figuring out equipment, right? I'm locked in with my equipment. You get to use this every day. But there are differences in golf balls, there are differences in shafts, there are differences in drivers. That's another great tool. You can be making great swings, get good bad numbers because the ball isn't right for you or the drivers isn't right. So I think TrackMan is a great tool. You have to understand it.