Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook: TrackMan - Hitting Tour Balata 100 Vs. Dunlop 65 With Driver (Part 1)

Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook measure the TrackMan numbers when hitting the old Tour Balata 100 Vs. Dunlop 65 With their drivers (Part 1).

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Trackman Jason Dufner Chuck Cook


OK, I can tell you what this drive is going to be right now. It's going to be 160 mile an hour ball speed, 10 degree launch at 2,550.

Might have a little lower spin because it's a DT ball.

This is just a regular ball here. 111 clubhead speed.

160 ball speed.

160 ball speed.

Up three.

Up three. Path seven left, 2,600.

So I was only a smidgen off.

You know your stuff.

You know your shot.

Only a smidgen off.

Just a smidgen.

That's right.


161 ball. 160.0.

160. You lost a little. You lost 0.9.

What was the spin?

You lost a little speed.


And what was the ball speed? 61?


I know my stuff.

Yeah, you do.

Here. I want you to hit this one. This is Tour Bellata. Tour Bellata 100. This is most popular ball in, what, the '80s? '90s?

Yeah. This ball has been memorialized with my son's name on the side when he was born on February 25, 1997. This was the week before Tiger Woods won the Masters for the first time. I was the leading money winner in '97. I won Doral. Came back and won Players back to back. Went to the Masters the year that Tiger won by 12, his first Masters victory. Sam was born right in there, and I gave these balls to everyone that I knew as a gift. And this was the ball we played with.

You used that ball?

Absolutely. Whoa.

Whoa. I think that spin went up. Whoa, 3,400 spin.

That's 10,000 more.

No, 1,000 more.

1,000 more.



You lost four miles an hour, but you had the same clubhead speed.

OK, so let's summarize. Same clubhead speed.

Four miles an hour less.

Ball speed.

Ball speed.

The ball came out four miles an hour less.

Softer, yeah.

Smashed 142.

Now, I heeled it a little.

And your spin rate went up 1,000. And you spun it like a 3-iron.

Is that right?

How far did it go? 60?

262, carry.

What was the other one, normal eye? 280?

I'd have to look.


271, 270.

Lost about 10 yards in there.

Now, this is the Dunlop 65. I've never seen one of these. That's like a dinosaur to me.

This is Chuck's high school ball.

This was my era.

This was a hot-- this is a good ball. 1.62.

I've got one of those at home, too.

Now, I grew up with a small ball, so this is not new science here for me.

[LAUGHS] A knuckle slice. That carried 237. 3,900 spin.

3,900 spin, that's a 5-iron.

And it looked like it was going like that.

Your ball speed was 145.8.

Lost another 25 miles an hour?

Yeah. You lost 15 miles an hour off of today's.

30 yards.

You get your chance in a minute.