Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook: TrackMan -Toe Droop

Steve Elkington, Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook discuss how hitting longer clubs will have more droop in the shaft, which needs to be factored in when bending the lie and loft of the clubs.


[BIRDS CHIRPING] Ah, I towed it. The other thing is, too, when you're looking at these, knowing how to read them, is that if you hit a fade, the fade's going to be more open. You're obviously going to get more spin.


You're hitting a draw, you're going to get less spin. And so you have to match that up to the player to get the right amount of spin.


I hit that good, though. What'd that say?

Path six seven left. Spin rate 4,500.

Pretty low. Very good, yeah.

No, that's not low. That's good. Those are real good spin numbers, and probably those clubs are a little stronger--

Little stronger, but they've got the low weight--

Got the low weight so you get the spin that you need.

I tell people-- They ask me about this club, and they say, if I took the Titleist and I bent them stronger, they wouldn't go further, they go lower.

Sure. But this stronger club with the weight down--


I'm getting the up.

Yeah, PING 1 started that revolution--


With their strong loss, and low centers of gravity.



We'll hit drivers after this.

Club path 0.9 left.

Club face left.

Club face 2.1 to the left.

Not bad.

So this is the way you guys work, essentially, on the tour? You just give him his--


You're giving Jason his path and face?

Swing plane on that one's 57, the one before.


59 on this one.

Get the new firmware?

Path 1, 1 right. 1, 6 left.

You looking for 57 on the swing plane?

Basically what the swing plane number is, is it should be the lie angle of the club minus the droop. So if you've got a 60 degree club, you're looking for numbers between 55 and 58.

This is the droop, it's called--

Where the head of the club--




Yeah, drops down a little.

So if his four iron is bent at--

My four iron's at-- give me one second.


58 1/2.

58 1/2.

58 1/2, yeah, so we're looking for-- longer clubs will tend to droop a little more than the shorter clubs, just because they're swinging faster, and they're longer.

More droop, more weight at the end.

Lot more droop.

Longer, yeah.


What was the launch angle there?



5, 2 on that one.

I'm trying to hit it low.