Jason Dufner & Chuck Cook - Clubface Angle Post Impact (Part 2)

Jason Dufner and his coach Chuck Cook discuss the importance of turning the right shoulder fully and on plane in the backswing.


So is there a swing, Jason, when you come in? I've watched you swing for years. Are you coming in, and you're trying to stay up over it with the face? Walk us through maybe the feel.

It's all post-impact for me. I just feel like that face-- I feel like that face is looking down. And some of it's backswing. If I get too shut on my backswing--

Go the other way.

--I'll go the other way. You know, a lot of what we do in the backswing dictates what happens down here. And I like it with the wedges, that feeling, because I feel like I can stop it. Now, is that the best with like a four iron, and I've got to land it to a front pin? Maybe not. But for wedges, I've got enough loft on here, I can get this ball to drive down and be on a flat flight--


--and just stop. That one will do about the same.

That's stopping downwind 30 miles an hour.

And as you can see, if we went up there, they're going to be about the same distance, too.

Is there a 100 yard feel on your swing? Are you measure guy? Or are you doing feel?

I'm doing feel, arm speed. So like I said, this it pretty comfortable downwind, lob wedge. I feel like I can get a pretty good go. This one, I aim a little bit more at the pin.


Oh, oh.

That one almost flew in the hole, it looked like.


I didn't get quite as good. You can see the divots here. That last one, I maybe didn't quite get as turned behind it as I would like. And that's a little bit stickier than these.

When you say turn behind it, you still have to make a nice turn.

Yeah, you've got to get your depth.

Show me that. Show me the depth.

So for me, the depth is how far my right shoulder travels. This is good depth. You know, I might get in here sometimes with these wedges. You've got to make sure you make a good full shoulder turn.

On the wedge, and with any shot.

And your shoulder has to always move in the same direction you go. Even if it doesn't go as far, it's moving in, not moving up.

We want it on this inclined plane, right? With Jason a little flatter than that, even.

Well, no, not really. I mean, his posture, he's bent over enough to where all he has to do is turn. It's going to be on the right incline.

But the big key to all of that is what the face is doing into ball and past the ball.

Post-impact is a big deal.