Jason Dufner: Power for Wedges

Jason Dufner discuss how to deal with power in his wedges.


What are you taking this back with?

I like a lot of width in my wedges. So when I say that, I don't want any load. I don't want much elbow load. I want zero wrist load because when I start adding these, that becomes a power accumulator.

This is power. This is power. With wedges, I've got to figure out how to get rid of that power so that's either going to be something with my elbow or something with my wrist down at the bottom to get rid of it, right. So I'm trying to stay wide as I can. I want no wrist load.

Course we know there is some there. But you're trying to minimize it.

Minimize it.

As much as you can.

I'm trying to keep my right elbow as long, or my right arm as long as possible. And I'm trying to turn my shoulder. I want my right shoulder to turn, turn in my posture.

I want my posture to stay down, and I want to turn. So I want to have this look. From behind, I want to have this look on my wedges, wide.

Big right arm.


Straight arm.

And then what that allows me to do is to stay shallow. I can just rotate right through. Allows me to stay shallow. I get a better strike on the golf ball.

You're hitting those things low.

They're flat, flat and spinning.

Low spin.

Spinning, spinning, spinning. You know, if I need to hit one high, I'll change my release.


But I'm never fooling with anything in the backswing for me with the wedges. You know, I'm trying to get in here. And I'm thinking about my right shoulder turning and me staying wide.