Jason Gore - Right Knee Flex

The power in Jason Gore’s swing lies within his lower half. Learn how staying athletic is his key.


We talked about on the back swing where you got like to get in that position and you do that drill with your shoulders. What's going on down here, hips? Are we conscious?

I'm more conscious of my legs, and legs and feet. I don't buy into the whole straightening of the right leg. For me, for a guy with my size I think I always try to keep a little right knee bend. I don't want to over rotate my hip just because my hips don't work as fast as the 28-year-old, 26-year-old. So I'm trying to keep a little bit of right knee flex just so I can have-- I always try to think of it as a pitcher. I would never see a pitcher go.

All the way.

Yeah so I'm always trying to keep-- a little bit of to where I can--

Go the other way.


Go back the other way.

So, I don't buy into this. Just for me personally, I'm not saying it's wrong. I just always kind of feel like I can move better--

Off a putt, off a bent one.

--from there. Yeah. For me.

So let's see that-- So you don't consciously do anything with your hips then. The shoulders drag them around? Are you?

Not really I mean--

It's more your legs. You just go back and you hold your leg there.

The only-- Yeah, I mean I have a little like a load and fire, like little knee brace I kind of put on and I'll just try to feel like-- So what that does is it kind of restricts my hip turn a little bit. I'll use maybe like a beach ball, or something like that between my legs every now and again, so this left knee doesn't kick in here. So I want to keep this space in between my legs, and that way I can get this thing firing out of the way here.

Yeah. But if I start over rotating my hips, I can never get-- I just start sliding.

That way.

That way,

That gives you more hooks.

I can't get out of my own way.

And you like fades.

I can't get out of the way. Yeah, so keep my right knee bent a little bit and that way I can fire off, you know, the pitcher's mound, what I like to think.

Good. Awesome.