Jason Gore - Fairway Bunker

Fairway bunkers always present a challenge. See how Jason Gore attacks this problem shot.


What's the key in the fairway bunker?

So honestly, what I try to do is-- I learned from an old instructor of mine-- was I'm almost trying to throw the club at it to pick it.

Pick it.

That was a Mack thing. So I'm almost trying to just feel like I'm trying to pick it-- like I almost throw the club at it a little bit to try to pick it out of it. I'm not trying to hit down on it really hard.

Not using the swing like your big swing where you do a big turn and-- you're more armsy.

I'm more armsy. Trying to take my lower body out of it so I'm not slipping all over the place.

Yeah, and try to not leave-- no particles, like zero particles almost.

I'm trying to--

Less as you can.

Less is more. I mean, the only thing you're doing more is taking more club. That's what I always try to do. So I'm always taking at least one more club.

And we've got you down in a pretty deep hole right here for this club. A 9 iron.

So I'm just going to try to just kind of feel like I'm-- like just kind of using my arms, and I'm going to try to pick this thing right out of here. Just feel like my legs are very stable.

Beauty. So you're basically letting the club sort of pass but right on time.

Yeah, I'm trying to just return the club head almost to straight up and down.