Jason Gore - Fried Egg

We’ve all stood in a bunker staring down at a fried egg lie. See how Jason Gore escapes this devilish shot.


So with this kind of plug--

Fried egg, we call it.

With a fried egg. What I try to do with this one, some people close it. I open it, and I just-- I actually almost try to shank it.

Try to shank it?

I try to throw that hosel directly into it, and almost keep the club in the sand.

Oh, yeah. For sure.

So I'm trying to-- you know it's not going to come out with any spin. It's just going to kind of dump on the green. And basically, you're just trying to get this thing somewhere on the green.

Out and on.

To have a put at it. If it gets close, then you got lucky. You know? So I'm almost trying to just open this thing up. And just trying to dump this-- dump the whole club directly in the sand, and almost leave the club head in the sand.

That's nice.

You know, just give yourself a shot at a put.