Jason Gore - Plugged Lie

Creativity and technique are imperative to survive a plugged lie. See how Jason Gore attacks this troubling shot.


On the plug-- do you turn it the other way on the plug?

No, I still kind of do the same thing.

Still go open?

I'm just trying to throw all the energy I can directly-- just leave the club.

And leave it in there.

Leave the club in there and just have the sand try to--

The reason that we are told to leave the club in there is because you want to try to keep the particles of sand as close together as you can and not just disperse them.


Otherwise it's just going to go away for sure.

Yeah, you want to use all that energy from all that--

Yeah, you want to get the slower out of there as possible.

So once again, I'm going to try to almost throw the hosel in there and just try to come in from the outside and just dump the whole--

Dump it

--dump the whole club face and just try to leave it right in the sand. Got it on.


Yeah, got it on. I mean, at that point, you're just trying not to make double.