Jason Gore - 9 Iron Chip Shot

Play this bump and run the Jason Gore way.


I've got a nine iron here. Would you fool with that, or not really?

Oh, I wouldn't really, but we can have some fun.

I'll tell you what, what about if we-- what about if you drew-- Not that lie, that's pretty bad.

No, I mean it's happened.

What if we drew that lie. Would you have to go to that?

I think we could, yeah. I mean, I'd play a little bit more back in my stance, probably just try to keep my wrist a little more firm, but still try to accelerate through. Probably play a little bit more left to right, a little more left to kind of play for the break, try to pick a spot, small little circle where I'm trying to land it short of the green.

Let it run.

And let it run on through there.

Not bad, really, It's almost like that shot you showed us up on the range where you actually get your shoulder and just sort of smother it almost.

Yeah . You almost just have to try to cover it, especially if it's sitting kind of down in a little depression, or something like that. Just kind of have to kind of keep your right a little higher, and just-- Yeah. Your kind of at the mercy of the kick.