Jason Gore - Chipping Basics

Learn Jason Gore’s fundamental approach to chipping.


We're up here at the chipping area. We got a couple of options here. We got the 60 degree in your hand, got nine iron here. Just show us your basic tour player up and down par.

Well, I mean, this is a 58 degree shot for me. Got some pretty good wind blowing left, right it's still going to affect this little pitch. But, you know, green's running pretty good left to right here. And so, I would just try to land this thing just over the fringe and get this thing kind of running on the green and just let it kind of

--Funnel down.

Funnel down. So yeah, I would take my normal-- kind of little hinge-- and turn through it, swing, and try to get a little bit of spin on it, probably play a little bit more forward in my stance. Just try to lean the the shaft back just a smidge, and just kind of keep churning through it. And

You like to consciously think of a little turn, right?

I do, yeah. For me, it shallows me out and I don't get so handsy with it.


I try to use as much big muscles as I can.

That's a good one there. That had a little check on it, right? See the difference, over there? You can see one went 10 feet by. That one had a little perfect little check and it went stiff.