Jason Gore - High Pitch Shot

The high risk, high reward high pitch shot is tricky. See how Jason Gore simplifies it.


So, you get no green here.

No green here, so already I'm mad at my caddie.


Short sighted.

Short sighted it.

Because even if I did have a bad shot, I'm still mad at him.

You going up?


You going to go up?

Yeah, I'm going to go up with the shot. So, this kind of goes back to the same thing, I'm going to probably, try to hit a little behind it. and let the bounce of the club work. So I'm going to open up the face a little bit, same thing, I'm just going to kind of lay it back a little bit.

And what I'm gonna try to do here, is try to make sure I'm accelerating the club through it. But I want to keep this thing going down, keep this club head staying low, because I want to feel like I'm always understanding this shot up this way. So I don't want to be steep going down this way because I've got a good enough lie. I don't need it to be real steep.

So if I got too steep, I'd go right underneath it. So I'm going to go ahead and feel like my weight's pretty neutral. Open up the club face and go ahead, break it up a little. a little bit on the outside and feel like that club stays low. And just feel like you're kind of a little bit of an underhand toss.

That's pretty aggressive, too. Wasn't it? You can be aggressive with that, huh?

Yeah, you want to be aggressive. Last thing you want to do is dump it. You've got to keep the speed up.

That was 10 feet, so that--

That was just a little too aggressive. But you know, the tighter the lie-- So, you get a really tight lie in here.

This technique works better, then?

Well, you could actually go--


You could get a little bit more weight. No, you don't want to hit it fatter because you don't want to get the thing bouncing. You've got to get a little bit weight on your left side because you want to get the thing steeper. You want to get this thing more up and down, so I want to get a little bit more weight on my left side. You want to be a little bit steeper and almost hit it like a bunker shot.

That thing came straight up.

This is a super, high-risk shot. I mean, this is almost semi-bunker shot here. So, break it up quick.

We almost have to play the wind right now.

Yeah, it splits.

It's hooking in the air and it's only in the air for two seconds.

It's blowing. So, back to a pretty good lie. So, a little bit more weight. I mean if I got this weight too far, you can go right underneath it.


So, you kind of want to go ahead, be neutral. Open up the face a little bit. Play for the wind. Keep that. Break it up a little bit. Keep that club head staying nice and low through it.