Jason Gore - Right Elbow Position

The key for Jason Gore’s downswing is keeping his right elbow in the correct position.


You're really big on this right elbow. This is a very important part you.

For me, yes.

For you. And you work on that. You train your right arm to stay out there in front, right?

Yes. Constantly.

Let's talk about that a little bit.

So like, for me, I drag. I go this way. And so for me, holding my wrist angle, so feeling like my right elbow moves forward is something--

Key. It's the key to you.

It's my key. Yeah, it keeps my ball flight down. It keeps the compression on the golf ball good-- better.

And you're always trying to drive the ball.

Yeah, because I mean, I go-- what I do, my faults, is I go here. I lose my wrist angle. This elbow stays back. And I go, boop. The ball goes up. I lose all the--


--all the squash.

Yeah. So let's see the good swing there with the elbow.

Oopsy. That was-- see, that's almost too much.

That was too much there?

That was almost too much.

Well, that's good to know too. Because if you have too much, that's no good either.

That's true, yeah. So what I know there is that I actually got ahead of it.

Too far, yeah. That was nice.