Jason Gore - Square Clubface

Jason Gore shows us how he maintains his swing path to keep his club face square at impact.


There's a lot of talk right now. Dustin Johnson currently is the number one player in the world. He plays with a face almost skyward. I know what you don't want on the through swing, which is-- show me what you want to do with your club face, or talk to me about your club face.

Well, Dustin's extremely gifted because he's got super fast body.

Yeah, super fast.

So he can do this. And if you ever watch him swing, he's got a tremendous-- he opens up his body tremendously and actually hits the golf ball with his arms out here.


And he breaks the club very well. He breaks it and goes--


He hits the breaks so well. And that's why he has all this tremendous whip going through here, which is--

Exchange speed, exchange speed. Yeah.

He's just super gifted.


So what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to keep the club face square because I don't have those gifts. I'm mortal, I think. So--

Well, you've got pretty good gifts, by the way. That's why you're on this channel. But the point is-- I think your point is you're-- is it fair to say you're more of a square to square guy?

I try, yes.

Do you monitor the club face at the top, or do you think about it?

I do. But since I fight a little bit of a weak grip, I'm probably borderline open.


Which is fine, because I'm--

Fading it?

I'm fading it a little bit. I definitely don't want it shut.


I don't want that thing pointing upward, which I probably give up a few yards.

Because you grip the club so well, and to me, the theory of why, the reason you grip the club the way you do, you're not going to have much of anything wrong with your club face because your back your left hand is going at the target, the front of your right hand is going at the target, and the club face, they all match up. So instinctively, your brain wants to put all three.

Now when you get people that have variations of this over here, and now they may have to play a blocking action to get the same result, right? But pretty uniform what you've got going with your grip.

Trying to eliminate some confines, you know what I mean, just trying to eliminate some things that can go wrong.


So yeah. I'm trying to--

On the through swing, you don't want any of-- I'm sure you don't want any of that look for you.


No. That's the only thing that you're looking at?

Yeah, pretty much. I don't want to ever see this club head do that.

Now, Perez has it there, and he manages that really well.

He's got a fast body.

Yeah, so that's fine. I just want people to know that just because you see a favorite tour player with his face angle there doesn't mean that's got to be for you.

No. I'm not a big-- I don't get the club working left over here real well, which is why I work on it.


I have to consciously do this to try to keep rotating it because I exit over here.


So I have to consciously work over there to get it to stay on my body because I do that.

Yeah. We're always working away from our weak point.

Yeah. So that's a constant. So my arm drags. And I go this way. So I know that if I try to keep it-- I'm not trying to swing left. I'm trying to keep my body-- I'm trying to keep my arms going--

With you.

--with me. Correct.