Jason Gore - Straight Arm Drill

See how Jason Gore keeps his hips, legs, and upper half aligned with his straight arm drill.


So your arms are soft, and you've got nice arm speed. And your body and your arms, to me, look like they're matched up pretty good. Is there a drill for?

Yeah I do a little drill to try to get my hips moving quicker and just kind of driving more. It's a drill to get my hips, legs, and arms all matched up. We call it a straight-arm drill. So basically what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to brake the club. Hit the brakes, B-R-A-K-E not B-R-E-A-K, here, and try to stop the club parallel to the ground.

Almost hide the club from this camera.

Yes. So I'm trying to when I get to impact I'm trying to basically drive everything right here and keep almost like a punch shot but not trying to hit it low. I'm trying to a full shot.

To do it, you got to give the big giddy up on the hips?

Big giddy up on the hips. That way everything kind of goes and fires around and stops at the same time. So you can't do it by being out of sequence. If you do that, everything kind of just--

Throws all over

--throws all over. So you have to really be in sequence.

Straight-arm drill

Straight-arm drill, and I'm trying to feel like my arms are dead straight--


--almost halfway up. P8


So it's just hitting the brakes right here. And it just makes you...

It looks to me like when you do that, can you do one more? It looks like you get all that out of your right knee. Right knee looks pretty important in that deal, does it?

Yes, because you have to sequence everything to get it--


--to get it right, to get it to correct. So it just basically gets everything moving together because if you get anything, if your hips start going, you're gonna get all out of whack.

And then do you blend the straight-arm drill then into your swing?

Yeah I mean you can do it to where--

You're going to do it, except you're going to do the straight-arm drill but blended into the-- Yeah because all you drew from there is you just re-cock the club.

Let's see that. That's big speed.