Jason Gore - The Driver

Jason Gore does everything big, especially hitting his driver.


So we made that transition, right, from sweeping and down. Now we know that the best drives are hit up on maybe three degrees. I don't know what you are. What are you?

I'm right around two to three, yeah.

For a big hitter, anything up is good like you, right?


Is it like the high shot? Are you back a little bit more?

I'm back a little bit more. You know a lot of it's ball placement. I mean but tour average still says it's like one 1 and 1/2 down. 1.3 down I think is what they say, which who knows what. That's just what I read it online so it had to be true.

Had to be true. Yeah, exactly.

I think up on it is always better.

Up on it is supposed to be more efficient, correct. Yes I try to stay back on it I'm trying to keep, go figure, I'm trying to keep my right elbow--

In front

--in front. I'm trying to keep it bent a little bit longer.


So it doesn't get straightened early and go down like this. So I'm trying to, basically, I almost liken it to an uppercut. You know I'm trying to feel like I'm going this way at it instead of kind of slapping it. So I'm trying to use my whole body to go--

Up under

--up and under, and just kind of feel like I'm just throwing a big uppercut instead of like just like a little slappy at it.

I like it.

So I'm trying to basically use my whole right side.

Up under

And just uppercut it and stay back on it. Stay back on it and still drive. Drive my whole right side on.