Jason Gore - Equipment: Wedges & Irons

Jason Gore shares the specs of his irons and wedges.

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OK. We're going to talk about your clubs. This is your 60 degree. Tell us about your 60, or 58. 58.

Yep. This is a Vokey SM658. It says 10 degrees on it there, but I had Aaron Dill do a little--

Touch up.

Titleist, the Vokey rep on tour, do a little special magic on the bottom. I think it's probably around six or seven degrees. He softened up this back edge, made it a little bit wider, but softened up the little heel here, and just made it a little easier going through the ground. And I had him stamp and make chipping grade again on it. I don't know. I just thought it was a little play on politics, and whichever way you go. I thought it was pretty funny.

Here's your 54. You dropped four degrees.

This is actually a 53.

53. Five degrees.

I've had this style wedged to 250 410 Vokey. I think I've used this one since they came out, oh, gosh-- I don't even know-- probably '07 or '08. I just love this shape.

What shaft?

They're both dynamic gold S400's tour issues. I don't know the difference between a tour issue and a regular one. But I think they just do one more.

The tour issue's for the tour.

Yeah, one more check point or something like that, and you've got a cool sticker on the back. So but yeah. I think these are D4 swing weight golf pride tour velvet chord upside down because--

58 round?

58 round with one extra tape. And they're upside down because--

You don't like seeing that little thing.

Yeah, that and Tiger used to do it.

You're pitching wedge is the whole set, from three irons, three pitching wedges is a PXG.

Yeah. I got these this last year at Frye's in Napa. And they're awesome.

All those little circles, what are they for?

They're just weights. I believe they were-- I'm going to probably say this wrong. I think they were probably where they were going to shoot. They put some polymer, elastomer polymer inside here to make the faces thinner and to make them--

More reactive.

--more reactive, and to make the less shock, and to make them feel better. And they did all of it. They're super expensive golf clubs. And I think they're worth every penny. I've had some arthritis issues in my hands. And they've really, really helped.

And why did you jump from 53 down to--

This is 47.

47. So you jumped six then?


Yeah. And then this is just the middle of the set there, so seven [INAUDIBLE].

But I've always liked hitting that little pitching wedge. I've always liked hitting 115 yard pitching wedge. So I've never been afraid to choke down on it and hit that hold shot. So I just got these KBS shafts put into them this year. They're the new-- I think they're called the S-Tapers. They're a new prototype shaft with KBS. They're supposed to keep the ball down, spin less, pres pointing.

So did you get them?

Well, I got a set early in the year, and a different set of irons. And they were really harsh, I thought, in those sets. Maybe I wasn't good enough to hit those forged blades. I found out Pat was hitting them in his PXGs.

So you tried them?

And I tried them, and they are awesome. So it just turned out to be a great combo. And it's worked for him. And I thought if it worked for him, it's got to work for me.

It's got to work for you.