Jason Gore - Fold Your Arms

See how Jason Gore has maintained soft arm control using marks on his shirt.


When you were leading the US Open at Pinehurst, you were on a roll that year. I think you won three times on Nationwide, or what did they call it then?


Nationwide. Confidence obviously was high. Do you remember what the swing action-- I remember, I've, seen film. What were you doing back then that was so great?

It was very-- it was soft arms. I felt like my arm, my golf swing folded, and folded. Which was, just bear with me here. So I really worked hard on my right knee, which is why I'm kind of going back to it. I'm not sure my past is my future, but there were certain things that I felt really comfortable doing. So what I mean--

Signatures of success.

Yeah, like I just-- it felt like I could do it. You know? So it just felt like it was me, and it was like-- so I worked on my right knee. And when I mean by fold and fold was that, like this arm and this arm never crossed my seams of my shirt.

So they were always right there.

Yeah, like this arm kind of went this way, and then this arm kind of went this way.

I was teaching [? Sam ?] the other day that-- I was teaching him exactly this move. Go ahead, step back up there. I was saying, I'd be here you, wouldn't hit me.

Yeah. It just kind of folded up.

Folded up, yeah. And I said if I was here, you wouldn't hit me, you know? Type thing. That's kind of what you're saying, almost.

Yeah, it just kind of cocked up and then re-cocked over on this side. And that's just-- that's where I felt. It was just-- it created--

So it was pretty simple.

It was very simple.

I mean, that was Peter Thompson, right? Peter Thompson, five British Open. He had the most bang bang.

Yeah. It just never felt like my arms kind of went this way. You know, it just never felt like I started the lawn mower.

And you still feel that that's true to this day, right? You don't want any of this.

No, I never--

And you really don't want that right now.

No, I just-- I never want either of my elbows to cross the seams of your shirt right here. That for me--

That's the feel.

That's the feel. I don't ever want to feel like I'm starting the lawn mower back here, and getting this thing super deep back here, or super deep over here. You know, it's just-- I just kind of feel like if it just folds up, and folds up.

It's pretty simple.

It's just--

I mean, I would say your curse, if you've ever had a curse, is that you're so good, that you can actually almost swing anyway. So you got to get to where you get something simple and repeatable, right?

My whole thing right now, I talked about it on the golf course. If I had a gun to my head, how am I going to hit it? Because I feel like under the pressure, what am I going to do? And why not practice that way? Why not practice the way that I know how to do. Why am I trying to be something that I'm not?