Jason Gore - Swing Rhythm & Rate

There are two traits that Jason Gore maintains during his swing- balance and rate.

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Sequence Jason Gore


Like you get hit really nice balance point there. Post it, when you've hit it, then what happens up there? Is it you just being pulled to the finish, or are you trying to get up to a certain spot, or?

I always--

Is that even important?

Yeah, of course. I mean, you don't want to fall over.

No, I understand. But I mean, I think you just, you balance.

Yeah. So you try to get over there.

And you try to stay in balance. I think you keep rotating around here, and I think the better you can stay in balance, obviously, it's just that the old tale of what you've done back over here.

Rhythm, balance is very important to get a consistent--


And how do you keep your rhythm? People ask me a lot, you know, and try to explain to them as best I can. I certainly have a position at the top that I have to get to before I come down. So I always feel like I get to the top. That's my first deal. Then I start with my legs, and then I get to another point back here. So, like I never really sort of rush my backswing, because I got to go to a point. Is there any conscious-- how you keep your rhythm? Because you've talked about. You say when you get playing good, you can actually go faster because you can hold that face and make those fades happen.

See you've had the greatest rhythm of all time. So, I mean. You see guys who have bad golf swings who can make it work, because they have great rhythm. You know what I mean? There's just-- And like I hate the word tempo, because tempos-- I think it's rate that is a better word, because you can look at--

What's a better word?


Yeah, rate.

Because you look at Nick Price, and you go well he's got a really fast tempo. Well, no he doesn't, because his rate is perfect. Everything's working the same.


The same rate. You know what I mean?

I'm with you on the rate, yeah.

So you can look at guys like Crenshaw. He's got great tempo. Well no, he's got to slow swing. But his rate was still good. You know, just everything kind of works at the same--

Yeah, rate.