Jason Gore - Having Confidence

Despite his ups and downs, find out why Jason Gore remains confident in his game.


You've had this great career that's bounced from winning on the PGA tour, winning tons on the nationwide, leading the US Open, winning national championships. So the common thread is that when you get playing good, you stay playing good, and then you have these periods where you're not on the PGA tour right now. You're on nationwide or on web.com.

And why do you think that inconsistency, other than what we talked about earlier, other than-- is it because you get bored and you want to change your swing? Or is it because you are looking for something that's not there? I'm not trying to dive into the dark spots or anything. I'm just saying, you seemed like you had it going really good a lot of times at different times.

It's either lack of belief, trying to get better. It's just a slippery slope. I'm going to be honest with you and our viewers. It's a hard game, and we're constantly trying to get better. And to be honest--

You screw it up or just we screw it up.

We do screw it up. And that's the thing is we're constantly trying to get better that sometimes what we have--

It was all right.

It was all right. And it's sometimes--

Because you're powerful. You're powerful. You're probably one of the best putters I've ever seen.

But see, I don't believe that. But see, that's one of the things that as golfers we think that. It's like, well, I got to be better at this. Well, you're already good at this. Well, I got to be better at it. But at what point do you think, I'm good at this?

I'm good at this.

You constantly have to think, well, maybe I don't think I'm a great player because I've been a good iron player and maybe I don't make every 12 footer. But--


Yeah, maybe that's it. Maybe sometimes I didn't think I belonged. It's a vicious, vicious game.

Vicious, vicious circle.

It is a vicious circle.

And when you get going good, you never think you're going to play bad.

That's exactly it. And you never think it's going to end. And all of a sudden, it ends. And you're like--

Where'd that go?

How do I get back and--

All that.

Yeah, it's a lot of demons.