Jason Gore - Backswing Trigger

Gain insight in how Jason Gore launches his backswing.

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Setup Jason Gore Releasing Tension Backswing


We're going to jump back into your routine a little bit. What is the-- what makes it happen? When does the magic come back? How do you know you're going to take it back, and is there a trigger? Like Sam Snead used to have a full knee press. Or, is it-- what?

I think it's just kind of-- I mean, what I always do, what I try to stop doing, but it just happens. I always regrip it. I don't regrip it. But it's just kind of like, it's like a pressure release. Like, I always just kind of like let my hands off, and then put them right back on, and then it goes.


And I know it's probably not the greatest thing to do, but it's what I do.

Because we would say, you might put them back in the wrong spot, or something.

I don't though. It's just what I do. It's like-- it just like releases all the tension in my forearms, it just kind of goes--


Bam! And it just does. I don't know why I do it. It's just--

Let's see that. See if it's indeed the last thing.

And kind of give it up here, and--

I saw it.

It's just--

Saw it there.

I've been trying-- I've tried to stop it for years, and all I keep doing--

Is doing it.

I just keep grabbing the club harder, harder, and harder, and I can't pull away.

Don't do that.

Yeah, it's like if I try to--

Stop it? You can't stop it.

And if I try to really strengthen my grip, I cannot take it away. I just sit there and I like start shaking and sweating. And it's gets really ugly.