Jason Gore - Pre-Shot Routine

We all have our own pre-shot routines. See how Jason Gore prepares before each shot.

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Pre-shot routine Picking a Target Jason Gore


Your pre-shot routine is almost so ingrained to you, you almost can't hit a shot without it. So let's go through it one more time. You do something different with-- you pick a spot, like Jack Nicklaus. Walk us through that.

Well, I mean, I think that's the point of having a pre-shot routine is to be ingrained. I think it's one of those things, it should be something that takes away the thought of the results. I think everybody who's ever hit a golf shot is constantly worried about the results.

It should be the process and the motion of the golf swing that should be the most important thing that you're thinking about. So I just try to do it to where I'm putting myself in the best position, in the best frame of mind, to make the best possible motion I can do. So I just try to get myself in the best place I can be, and that's best prepared. So--

You pick your spot.

I pick my spot. Usually, it's something-- an imperfection, a piece of grass, a leaf, a divot. Something just in front.

Two, three feet. One foot. Doesn't matter. Something where I know I can aim at.

And then you close your right eye.

I close my right eye.

And line it all up.

And line it all up. And so what I'm finding is, I'm looking at the target in the distance. Or, yeah.

Little guy in the middle and the ball.

Yeah. So I'll find something and I'll look down. And I'll just pull it down. And then I'll find something where I'm trying to pull this thing straight down.

You're ready to go.

And then I'll find something. And let's say it's just this little piece of grass right here.


And then I walk into it. And I never stop looking at this little thing. And then I'll step in--

One hand?

One hand. And I feel my right elbow, just always feeling here. I'm not really gripping the club too tightly. And then I'll just set my body up, still looking at that.


And now that my club face is aligned, and just let my body set naturally into the target. I've already gone through--


You don't try to do anything. That sets it. Then you set your foot for the--

For the particular shot.

Ball position?

For the particular shot I'm trying to hit, I already put--

Your right foot for your balance.


And now-- and then you make a serious grip.

Yeah. Then I get into it. And so I'm here. Get into it.

I already know what kind of shot I'm going to hit. Take another look. Probably bring the club up a little bit. Waggle. And then I'll start looking at the target and start relaxing my shoulders.

You're a lifter.


Not like Dufner.

No. I'm not a big one. I'm just--

I'm a lifter. I lift up.

Yeah. I just--

Let's do the whole thing. Let me see it, the way-- you don't even-- just go into autopilot right here.


We'll dial it in. Tell you what you did. Got that.

So, what I saw, you go in. You do that. You do your deal. You come in.

Once you've got that, you lift. Two little swigs down. One little swig. Go, kind of thing.

Like, I'm always trying to set up.

Set up?

Yeah. Like, coach, one time, always told me to set up. I never want to get--

Down there.

Way down there. So I would describe the setup as set up.

Oh, set up. I see.

So I always try to go--

Set up.

Set up. So I'm always trying to get down to it. I'm never trying to go--

I see.

--get way down and try to work up. So I'm always trying to get up here, and then try to get athletically to it.