Jason Gore - Forward Press

Jason Gore has a very distinct forward press to begin his putting stroke.


I want to be athletic. I want to be mobile. I don't want to be--

You sort of have this distinct-- almost like a little-- once you've put your hands on for the last time, you-- it's real distinct.

That's just my way to take it back home.

It's good. Real good.

That's just my little trigger. It's just-- the way I get it in motion.

You do that and then you-- let's do it again. I want to see it because--

It's just the way I get it in motion.

There you go. There. You go down-- there, boom. Boom. There you go.

It's just the way I--

Putt one that way so the camera can see it.

It's just the way I get it in motion. It's not really a forward press. When I come back, when my eyes come back to the ball, it's just--

But it does actually move better like that.

Yeah. It's a forward press, but it's not like--

I'm not making you say you have a forward press. I'm just saying it's nice. It looks like you know what you're doing.

It's almost like a clutch. I guess it's just engaging the clutch.