Jason Gore - Putting Grip

Get a grip from Jason Gore, a putting master.

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Putting- Grip Jason Gore Releasing Tension


I'm not death gripping it, you know? My hand's on there pretty-- I rest the putter on the ground pretty softly. And I'm just--

Bouncing around. Bouncing. Yeah. I'm just barely holding on to it. I always thought the grip was a tube of toothpaste open. So, if I ever thought I'd grip the tube, I'd never want the tooth paste to shoot out. So, I always thought--

There's another one of those

Similes. Yeah. So even in college, I used to use-- remember when we'd always use to use gauztex?


I used to write Crest down the front.

Just to keep it light.

Just to keep a light, because I always thought tube of toothpaste. And if I ever gripped it too tight, toothpaste was going to shoot out the bottom. So, I kind of want to keep it

Like a lot of good players, you have these rules that you stay behind. You don't ever alter from them, and that's why you're good.