Jason Gore - Hitting A Draw

When in need of hitting a draw, Jason Gore shares his main focus during his swing.


How about your draw? Everything we know about you, we know your swing pretty good now. How do you step into it? A quick, like an easy draw?

So what I do is I just move the ball back just a smidge. So when I--

Which puts the path to the right.

Yeah. Which moves my circle out to the right. And I'm just going aim just a smidge right, and just basically try to swing out to the right a little bit with this swing plane out to the right. And I'm going to try to slow my body down a little bit.

Now let the club face close to that?

Yeah. It'll just keep my path going out to the right. So and--

And what makes it draw?

The difference between the face and the path.

Yes. But what makes your face close a bit more? Do you turn at the [INAUDIBLE] already?



I just try to slow down.

And let it pass the ball.

I just let it slow down and pass more. So I don't want to feel like I'm flailing open. I just try to keep my body-- try to keep my left hip little bit slower. I almost feel like I kind of slow my left leg down a little bit. So it doesn't go flailing open this way, and get this right arm high.

That's more your fade, that's coming. That's the next one.

I just don't want to get this right arm-- I mean this left arm super high and going this way. I want to feel like my right arm is passing over my left.

It's almost a little-- it's got a little bit of a look of that high right shoulder, too, right? Is that true?

That's true. I just don't want this left arm getting high. I don't want to feel like I'm holding the club face off this way. I want to feel like this thing's kind of--

Let it slow down, and let it go on by.

Let it go ahead and let the right arm pass over, and just let the club actually kind of work its way over there.