Jason Gore - Hitting A Fade

Jason Gore’s favorite swing. He shows us how his swing rate impacts his fade.


Now your favorite, fade.

Could talk about this all day.

This is where we go-- this is where we get to go fast, right?

Yeah, I just--

Open up with big-- hold on that big arm, longer.

Yep. I just, I'm trying to feel like my left arm is pulling right through there. I just put the ball in, for me, which is a neutral position. You can play it forward if you want.

The forward starts it left, right?

Forward starts it left. It also gets your path a little bit more. You can actually-- it makes you kind of slide up on it a little bit, get your weight moving a little bit forward, gets that club a little bit more on the outside. I always just kind of play it pretty neutral. And I just make a natural golf swing. And what I'm trying to do is I'm just trying to pull that left arm, get that right arm moving, pull that left arm through. And I don't ever want my right arm passing my left.

Right. So it's basically, you're just ensuring that the clubface is slightly open to that pass, right?

Yes. And just keep turning through. I think the most important thing is just keep that body turning.